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“When I was very little, I remember being asked in school what I wanted to do in life. I didn’t know! So, I went back home and asked mom what she thought I would be good at. And till this day I remember her words, she’d said: “You’ll be a business woman”. Well, at the age of 7 you don’t really know what a business woman really does. So I asked her to explain it to me. When she did, I was so fascinated by the idea. I didn’t know then that my fascination would one day shape me into who I am today.

I started my first brand as a retailer for branded clothing on the internet when I was in class 12. It was then that I realized how much I loved the fashion industry. But I needed to learn more about this industry and also about Business administration.

So after I completed high school, I chose Bcom(H) to pursue because, at this point, I knew more about design than administration.

I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur but then came a setback. I got invited by Deloitte and Mckinsey to join them . This really set me off. I almost joined Deloitte, but then quit shortly after. I had to follow my dreams. I had to have my own clothing line.

I was rather young when I started ENL.

Nobody supported me except the people of my age i.e. my friends. One thing that people don’t realize is that an entrepreneur’s journey is great but a pretty lonely one. From being the social butterfly all my life to being in a position where I couldn’t share the details of my daily struggles with anyone, (mainly because as a sole proprietor you’re expected to keep many details just to yourself) was a little tough.

I’ve been laughed at, talked negatively about, looked down at. But I have never let any of that define me. I knew I will make my work speak for me instead. And that’s my personal agenda with ENL.

As an entrepreneur, you always have moments when you have a lot of weight on your shoulders, moments when you’re not happy with the work you’ve done or have been doing, moments when you’re not at peace with the decisions you’ve made. The only solace at this point is the God above. I cannot stress on this more. Be strong in faith, everything else falls into place.”

Enid Lall - When Fashion Meets Business
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Enid Lall - When Fashion Meets Business
I was rather young when I started ENL. Nobody supported me except the people of my age i.e. my friends. But more so, what people don't understand
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Humans of Entrepreneurship
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