Aakash Kakkar : Making Society Fashionable And Street Smart

“To some people, entrepreneurship comes from innovation; to some, through creativity; some dive into it because of a brilliant idea, and then, there are people like me for whom entrepreneurship comes as a journey. Slowly and steadily seeping through in life. Entrepreneurship first came to me from my college, FDDI, Ministry of commerce run college […]

Deepak Kumar : Using Education To Fight Illiteracy For Underprivileged

“I understood the vagaries of circumstances to rise tall not by material richness but by ethical values of life. Whenever i see government school children in rural and slums area, i find one common problem. Almost all the children lack highly in knowledge and education. Even a 5th class student doesn’t know how to read […]

Two Indians Make It To Forbes Wealthiest Entrepreneurs Under 40 List

Forbes came out with its annual ‘Forbes’ Wealthiest Entrepreneurs under 40′ list for 2016 and it acknowledged the success of two entrepreneurs of Indian origin. Broadly, the eligibility requirements to be considered for this list are threefold. Entrepreneurs need to be under the age of 40 as of December 12. They should also be residents […]